Staffing Trends

Are You Social?

Closing in on the last quarter of the calendar year, many organizations, staffing industry included, are reviewing how close they are to projected goals for 2017, and predicting what can be done in 2018. It is almost a given that you, reading this post right now, are probably doing the same. Well? How did you do? Do you match up?

Coming from an agency that has a superb reputation with 3 industries, and spreading the wealth within the MSP world, contracts and direct placements, it is very difficult to see whether or not goals were met, exceeded, or fell short. But why? Why is that such a difficult trend to spot?

Because the game is changing, and will continue to evolve.

Let’s start with the basics. Technology in any form will always be a top consideration factor when doing business. At the beginning of the year, Bullhorn came out with an article for staffing trends this year, and they said it best: Technology will separate the contenders from the pretenders.

It is beyond true. The social part of technology has separated and skyrocketed for the most part. There will always be an ATS, a CRM, or at the very least a spreadsheet/database somewhere within the organization that keeps things in order, but social media has thrown such a wrench into traditional staffing methods.

If you are on the social media marketing side of your business, no doubt you have seen an increase in posting about the jobs you have in-house. If you are a recruiter, you are now learning (or have already learned) the best ways, times and phrases to use on the multitudes of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, et all. But have you heard of the names Jobvite? TextRecruit? PreferHired? These types of companies have been popping up all over the place and are gaining steam quickly because they saw that social caught on within recruiting in a big way.

Now. For the rest of the staffing world that doesn’t have that luxury of a new platform that is nice and shiny and sparkly, that doesn’t mean that we are all out of jobs soon. Quite the opposite, actually. When you consider the boom that the market took when VMS and MSP broke out on the scene, it is performing similarly. The only major difference is that with social recruiting, you are getting a lot more of the millennials. If that is your target person, then you need to be on the social recruiting bandwagon for sure. But if your network exceeds that of the millennial generation, you should be on par with your goals.

Another excellent statistic to take a look at, while measuring your goals for the end of this year, and projecting for next, is the Jobs Report. Forbes did an excellent job with breaking down the August statistics here. With the market sitting at a low, because let’s face it, 4.4% is definitely low, did you set your goals too aggressively? That is one of the most important things to consider with the industry right now.

The point of the matter is this: aggressive sales and revenue goals are fantastic. They will help you grow your company in exponential ways. But you have to consider every angle before you set those goals. Are you looking for an entry level nurse, just recently graduated from school with a BSN? You should probably check out social recruiting. Are you looking for a 15-year veteran machinist of sorts that has 2-4 safety certifications, at minimum? Social media will be lost on him/her. If your trends in your company haven’t seen any major increase or loss over the last year in all verticals served? Odds are you are doing fine, but you set an aggressive goal anyway, because who doesn’t want more money?

Be aware of the trends, but always know that your best tools to keep in the arsenal are the phone, a mind made for research, a warm smile, and a firm handshake.


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