Sigma Systems, Inc. is a leading boutique, professional staffing agency & executive search firm providing Staff Augmentation solutions, Contract to Hire services, and Permanent placement expertise in a variety of different practice areas and industry domains for all your employment needs.


Sigma staffing services was founded with the primary goal of improving the quality and level of service within the executive search industry. As a result of Sigma’s success and growth over the past two decades, we’ve develop a strategy to improve the search process and thereby the quality of service for a variety of sectors within the technical space. Moreover, we have helped several organizations of all sizes address complex business challenges across the U.S. Sigma remains focused on improving the overall delivery and quality of staffing services while continually exceeding client expectations.

We realize that it’s all about the people we work with, the people we deliver, and those we serve. We consider ourselves to be experts in the ‘people business’— taking the time to build strong candidate and client relationships, understanding the entire situation, and paving the way for accurate placement. Our executive search pros have the innate ability to truly understand the needs of both organizations and candidates while providing pin-point accuracy for complex positions.

Sigma discovered several years ago that the best candidates are not necessarily the most easily accessed since they are not actively searching for new career opportunities. The Sigma employment agency focuses on identifying and uncovering hidden talent that does not typically exist on job boards. We prefer to allow our competitors to ‘battle on the job boards,’ over the candidates that can be easily delivered, while we provide valuable in-depth talent sourcing. Our credo is that the best staffing professionals in the industry are capable of identifying and convincing talented professionals to review strong matches. At the end of the day, our employment services are all about delivering results and about delivering the ‘right candidate match’ for an organizations needs.

  • 20+ years of diverse, recruitment experience with offices currently serving over 38 states
  • Seasoned delivery staff with deep, staffing industry experience
  • Specialized divisions offering proven knowledge and support for key areas and select industries.
  • An ultra fast delivery response time with a proven reputation for delivery
  • Expert level, professionally trained, analytical recruiters
  • Innovative Sourcing & Recruitment Methodologies
  • A Single Point of Contact to handle all aspects of your account
  • Multiple layers of intense Candidate Screening Technologies
  • A significant reduction in the average search time for hard-to-find talent